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Matharena 13 - Annual Maths Fest of Jesus and Mary College

 Matharena 13 - Annual Maths Fest of Jesus and Mary College

Small minds discuss persons, average minds discuss events, great minds discuss ideas but really great minds discuss Mathematics.

The Department of Mathematics of Jesus and Mary College thereby presents you it’s Annual Fest, Matharena’13 on February 13, 2013. It promises to be bigger and better like never before.

The fest incorporates mind-boggling fun events.

Math-O-Money (Monopoly), the smartest way to earn money. With Mad Over Ad (Ad Mad), unleash the creative side in you. Two fat women(88), ulta-pulta-ek-sa (69) - everyone must have played this at some point, so {Luck}-U-{Mind} (Mathematical Tambola) is here for you to test your luck again and enjoy numbers. How can we forget, there’s Math Point as well. The Paper Presentation competition who’s theme is “Maths”. And last but not the least, there’s Quest to Test (Treasure Hunt). Run, fight, quickly solve your way through the questions to reach your destination.

But don’t get scared. It’s maths. Andddd. It’s easy.

Maths can never be any more fun. Coupled with interesting questions, the events aim at providing you with ultimate fun and brainstorming mathematical problems. With a large variety of events and huge cash prizes, we expect the fest to be a huge success. 

Come join us for the amazing mathematical quest this year. We hope to see you soon.

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