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Pantheon 13 - A Huge Success

Pantheon 13 - A Huge Success

“PANTHEON” - Annual Departmental Fest conducted by the very enthusiastic English society of Delhi College of Arts and Commerce proved to be a humongous success. The name itself brings back happy memories of the outstanding two day affair.

It was held on the 4th and 5th of March. More than 100 volunteers worked tirelessly for days to make it a success. Many interesting and brain teasing competitions were held which made Pantheon more appealing and unique.

“Turncoat” a very unusual kind of debate where the speaker had to talk both for and then ‘turn his coat’ and enunciate against the same topic given to him. This was one of the events which caught the attention of the crowd. “Brainsutra” the quiz was a grand success. The Brain master was truly entertaining and was a good host. The treasure hunt was the trump card of the entire event. Many determined participants were found running around in the entire campus searching for clues to reach the treasure.

Pantheon-Cinema and Literature-Panel Discussion

The panel discussions on both the topics; Literature’s influence on music and the trend of book adaptations were the most delightful and captivating experiences above all events. The panelists of the former comprised of a former student of DCAC Craig Dominic Pinto who along with the other panelists enlightened the audience with their vast knowledge of music. The latter discussion on book adaptations which comprised of a critic, a director and an actor kept the audience wanting for more. This impressive combination had completely different view points on the same subject and left the audience with no choice but to stick to their seats with either a huge smile plastered over their faces or their eyebrows arched in surprise.

The English department left no stone unturned with their phenomenal decoration. Complying with the theme i.e. “fiction” the auditorium was decorated with all sorts of eye catching props and created a very classy yet lively atmosphere. Just outside the auditorium a second hand book stall was set up which was completely jam packed as the students very excitedly bought their favorite books at absolutely affordable prices. They laughed and giggled posing either as Cinderella or Prince Charming at the photo studio set near the corridor.

All these activities made Pantheon a blockbuster ‘paisa vasool’ super hit among the viewers who exited the college greatly satisfied with their decision to ‘count themselves in’ for this highly spirited event.

The fest cum carnival was as vibrant and colorful as its bright yellow posters promised it to be. Hats off to the entire English society for pulling off such an entrancing show in such a short span of time. Cheers!

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Akankhya is a second year student of B.A English honours from Delhi college of arts and commerce. Her name as you can see is a bit uncommon and she had quite an unusual request..she wanted her readers to know the actual meaning of her name, it means 'desire'. She has been living in Delhi for the past three years and absolutely adores the city of dilli valas!:) Frankly like any other kid who has never stepped out of his or her safe took her a hell lot of time to adjust here..she struggled a lot but this city at the end gave her so much more! As she says it taught her to fight speak be honest. And according to her  the shy introvert girl inside her has partially disappeared. Another thing that helped her cope her inability to speak out was through writing. It actually helped her pen down the bottled up emotions she had been hiding within her.It gave her a sense of freedom which made her feel so liberated that she started opening up to people whom she had dared not talk to in the past. She says she always wanted to write something that came straight from her pure without any prejudices..and is fresh like the early morning dew drops. She sincerely hopes that her articles portray the same. Enjoy and thanks for giving some time to this article!:)

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