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Poem: Happy New Year 2014

Poem: Happy New Year 2014

They had no plans for the night,
just sitting together as a family.
They had no arrangements for the night,
except talking and singing merrily.

It was New Year’s eve and the celebrations had started.
Mother had prepared the food.
Father was busy watching tv,
but the brother was ready to set the party mood.

Television showed how Australia celebrated,
Mother said it looked beautiful.
Sister was all grumpy and cranky,
Because she wanted her new years to be as unforgettable.

An hour until midnight,
after the food had been gulped in.
Father was already asleep,
and Mother was cosy in the quilt.

Brother and Sister fired up their computer,
and started watching a movie.
Sister cursed her fate,
as she sat and heard about people going crazy.

When 5 minutes were left,
Brother and Sister went to their parents.
Father was awake and Mother was excited,
Why? It was New Year’s for the sake of heaven’s.

They sat in one quilt,
as they laughed and joked.
It was a scene of happiness,
Sister was finally enjoying her time with the folks.

She realised how partying for new years didn’t matter,
what mattered was time with people you loved.
The countdown had started,
and all she wanted was for the time to stop.

5 seconds till midnight,
she counted on top of her voice.
Her parents told her to calm down,
but they knew it was her choice.

2 seconds were left
and she tried to capture the moment,
to smile about it when she was sad,
To always remember this enjoyment when times were bad.

The clock struck twelve,
and 2014 was knocking on the door.
Everybody hugged and wished
Happy New Year 2014 to all.

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