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Gun Milan: Role of Gunas in Match Making

Guna Milan - Role of Gunas in Match Making

For a better future prospect and better companionship, the practice of match making is done even today in Hindu custom while fixing the marriage between two would be partners. But how far this horoscope match making can bring peace and success in a married life is a questionable factor.

Reasons for Match making:

In India, marriage is a long lasting companionship between two people till the end of life and is considered very pious. So while deciding the fate and future of a married life there are some very vital and critical concepts which need to be taken care off. There are two important areas which need to be considered.

Firstly: The horoscope of both the individual groom and bride need to be checked separately to find whether there is any reflection of compatibility with regard to married life for prospective future.

Secondly: The families of both the bride and groom will be benefitted towards a peaceful life with the happening of the marriage or not need to be checked.

If the above two areas are found promising in the horoscope then only, the next process of match making can be pursued.

Methods of Match Making:

One group of people are of the thought that astrological match making is the best process followed since ages by the great sages of the Vedic period, based on the specific eight gunas. On the other hand another group of people with modern thoughts and believer of medical approach suggest that in spite of excellent match making, blood group matching need to be done.

In pursuing the match making we need to consider-

• Manglik Guna: we need to check whether both of the prospective bride and groom are affected by Mars by its placement in any of the houses like 1/4/7/8/12 in the horoscope. If it is so then the native is under Manglik Dosha and in such case the couple should both be Manglik to make the marriage succesfull.

• Matching of Guna: Out of 8 prospective Guna, with total weight age of 36 altogether, an ideal couple should score minimum 18 for a peaceful and happy married life.

Gunas of a successful marriage:

In order to check the compatibility of a prospective marriage the use of Guna is done. The eight important Gunas are:

Varna: The divine relationship in between a man and a woman is judged by Varna. If the Varna of both the man and woman fall in the same category it is considered auspicious, indicating the emotional bonding between them which is an important part of the successful marriage and it contributes 1 point in gun Milan.

Vasya: The power of attraction forms the base of this Guna. The same is checked from the respective moon sign of both, for auspicious result the sign should be positive for each other for better compatibility. This Guna allots 2 points in gun Milan.

Tara: Tara is the Guna which decides the parameter of effect of auspiciousness and inauspiciousness of both the bride and groom towards each other. If the same is good for each other then they will help each other in achieving the goal in life with mutual support. Tara allots 3 points to Guna Milan.

Yoni: the word Yoni relates to sex. This Guna helps in understanding the sexual compatibility between the would be couple. Yoni plays a vital role in analyzing the success of a married life. If the same appears positive for both then you can be convinced that the match will enjoy the sexual life at the best in each other's companionship. Yoni Contributes 4 points in Guna Milan.

Grah Maitri: It is the Guna which studies the general compatibility related to choice, preference, nature and interest in life. To judge Guna we need t concentrate on the lord of the sign where the moon is posited in the horoscope. We need to check the compatibility of a couple in running a successful family with mutual consent. It contributes 5 points in Guna Milan.

Gana: A major Guna is assessing compatibility is Gana. It has direct relation with the nature of the human being. It contributes 6 points in Guna Milan. On the basis of the nakshatra in which the native is born the Gana is decided. There are 3 different types of Gana- a) Dev, b) Manushya and c) Rakshasha. If there is mismatch in Gana then the chances of problem may arise in the marriage.

Nadi: It is the most important Guna which should be considered and any mismatch in Nadi can be a vital reason for denying the happening of marraige. It contributes 6 points in Guna Milan. Imbalance in Nadi Milan is called Nadi Dosha. It is of 3 types a) Adi, b) Madhya and c) Anyta.

Bhakoot: It is the study of comparison between the positions of moon sign in each other's chart to decide whether the pair is compatible enough to lead a blissful life in all respect. Misbalance in Bhakoot can create disrespect and dishonesty towards each other. Bhakoot allots 7 points in Guna Milan.

The total contribution of eight Gunas is 36 points. An ideal match as per astrologer is a complete match of 36 pints and minimum is 18 points for a good married life. Points below 18 should be taken care off before fixing the marriage.


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