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10 Things To Do While You are in Delhi

10 Things To Do While You are in Delhi‘Dilwalon ki Dilli’ as it’s famously called, Delhi is more than just a city that dwells as country’s capital. It’s more of a city that welcomes you with wide open arms, a city that throws you into the wonderful world of aspirations and a city that turns everyone into a foodie; since Delhiite and foodie are eponymous to each other.

If you are a true blue Delhiite or have just stepped into this whirly windy city or have booked an intimate corner in your ‘dil’ for ‘dilli’, there are some things you just wouldn’t want to miss out on, some things you would want to spoil yourself for, some things you can’t resist to soak yourself in:

1) Visit famous historic architecture spots

From Jantar Mantar to Hauz Khas fort, Delhi is enriched with beautiful architecture. You can’t help but soak yourself in the peerless peace that you find when sitting across the river in Hauz Khas fort. You are just stuck with sheer amaze when in Jantar Mantar. You manage to find beauty even in the ruins of Agrasen ki Baoli. You find it illogical but you still clasp hands around the pole in Qutub Minar.

If you are in Delhi and still haven’t visited a famous historic spot, do it now. Better late than never!

2) Go for a photowalk to Chandni Chowk

Disclaimer: Do not skip this one in case you don’t have a high end DSLR or a 24 megapixel digital camera or don’t lie in the league of sprouting amateur photographers.

Silver market as Chandni Chowk is famously tagged is one place that never fails to impress you with its ethnicity. One can’t help but gush at the beauty that resides in every ‘nukkad’ out there. Dilli 6 is a marvel in its own. So pick up your smartphones, cameras or DSLRs and get clicking.

3) High end cafes to ‘makkhan de parathey da dhaba’

While Khan Market is famous for its plush high end cafes, Pandara road boasts of incredibly luscious ‘alookeparanthe’ and if you miss out on any, you have missed out on a lot more than you could have probably imagined. Cafes offer you a soothing ambience with mellow music while Dhabas give you the real desi taste. You wouldn’t wish to forego any of them. Would you?

4) Go street shopping

Delhi boasts of impressive fashion streets. From Janpath to Sarojini Nagar, from Greater Kailash to Lajpat, from Paharganj to Kamla Nagar, you might run out of space in your wardrobe but you will never run out of options when on a shopping spree.

What’s cherry on the cake is the bargaining trail that’s the very essence of street shopping. Dress for 800/-? Just watch how I scale it down to 300/-!

5) Walk miles on a chilly winter morning

Delhi’s winters are famous worldwide. Winters here are more than a bliss. You might dread winters for turning you into a lazy bum but you can’t shy away from going gaga over this wonderful weather that seems to set the sky ablaze as soon as winter sets in. Winters and morning walks; seems like the perfect irresistible composition?

Put on your favourite sweatshirt, set your playlist on shuffle mode and keep marching down the foggy and windy by lanes.

6) Get stuck in the real Delhi traffic

We Delhiites firmly believe that you have aced the patience test if you have borne the Delhi traffic. No kidding. Delhi traffic shapes you up in a lot of ways. It teaches you to be calculative and intuitive, patient and steady and certainly offers you a lot in the sphere of dealing with intense situation. 4 hours of traffic isn’t a cakewalk. Is it?

7) Go to Central Park and realize PDA isn’t overhyped just like that

Have you sprawled across Central Park on a day endowed with pleasant weather? Have you walked through the by lanes of the Garden of five senses? Were you able to strike some similarity in both? Stop rolling your eyeballs. Yes. I am talking about PDA, public display of affection to be precise.

You don’t really have a deep Delhi connect if you haven’t witnessed PDA yet. You don’t need to go to places for it, it might be happening just right now, somewhere in the metro you are travelling in or in the park right beside your college.

8) Look for graffiti walls

What turns this city upside down and adds a tinge of colours and gives you a kick? Graffiti walls. The most dab lanes of Delhi turn lively with graffiti. If you haven’t spotted one yet, add this in your to do list.

And if there’s a little artist that resides within you, paint the walls yourself. Do your bit to bring life to your city.

9) Haggle with ‘autowallas’

Mention autos to a Delhiite and their expression will tell you the story. An auto ride is something more than just a ride. Cribbing about auto fare and a displaced meter just worsen it.

Haggling with ‘auto wale bhaiyya’ for the accurate fare is one trait that you need to equip yourself with. It always comes handy.

10) Learn the famous Delhi dialogues

Now if you are a Delhiite, you need to be well versed with its dialect and dialogues as well. If you haven’t tossed a ‘Jantahaimerabaapkaunhai?’ even in a funny manner, you might as well be teased about it. If you haven’t shot across ‘Gharpemaabehennahinhai?’ while being stalked by a roadside romeo then you probably need some assistance.

Learn the infamous dialogues of the city and use it to your rescue. It works!

Indulge in ‘Delhi-ness’ now!


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