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Book Review : The Other Side of the Bed by Bhavya Kaushik


Book Review - The Other Side of the Bed by Bhavya Kaushik

“The thing that matters is not anyone else wants you or not – it is how much you want yourself.”

Bhavya Kaushik's debut novel “THE OTHER SIDE OF THE BED” sensitively and solicitously portrays the torments suffered by the mortals and the difficulties faced by them in continuing their life, after the demise of their loved-ones.

The story begins with Nakul, the male protagonist, tussling with the immense grief inflicted by the sudden demise of his beloved wife in a serial bombing attack. Completely shattered and lost, he meets Devyani - the soul of the book, a young girl who has lost her mother in the same bomb blast.

Together they take a journey where they interact with people like them, who have also lost their loved ones in those blasts, and in the process Nakul passes through the five stages of grief – DENIAL, ANGER, BARGAINING, DEPRESSION and ACCEPTANCE - as averred by Elisabeth Kübler-Ross model. In the process of helping these victims, they don’t realize that they are helping themselves too.

What they do in the journey? How they help the people and eventually themselves? For the answers, you will have to read the book :P

“When a husband loses his wife, they call him a widower. When a wife loses her husband, they call her a widow. And when somebody’s parents die, they call them an orphan. But there is no name for a parent, a grieving mother, or a devastated father who have lost their child. Because the pain behind the loss is so immeasurable and unbearable, that it cannot be described in a single word. It just cannot be described.”

Bhavya’s lucid and eloquent narration with lashes of sagacious metaphors and imageries, bestows an artistic touch and maintains an emotional feel throughout the story, which keep you glued right up till the very end. It’s a very thoughtful story; splendidly complemented by the author’s mature writing.

Coming to the flaws – there are few editorial mistakes and the story seems to be written in a rush. But these can be overlooked considering the fact, this is Bhavya’s debut novel. And if you are looking for something different apart from love-stories, then don’t think even once to trundle your gaze through its pages…though this too has a very cute love-story in it.

About the Author

Bhavya Kaushik likes to describe himself as a fanatic who denies to just pass through different notions of life as he believes in living each and every moment of it at its best. He completed his Bachelors in Technology under JECRC foundation and is currently pursuing his Masters in the same field from Manipal University, Jaipur. He has been writing from past twelve years and love writing poetry that provides a specific message; there is always some or other kind of metaphor in his work and that is what makes his writings intimate yet adaptable and different. Over the past few years, he has been a very active member of different media, communication and non-government organizations, as he considers that serving the society is the best way to attain salvation and peace.

Genre: Fiction

Publisher: Parlance Publishers

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Prakash Kumar is a 2ND year engineering student at the Indian Institute of Information Technology, Allahabad. He was a crazy programming geek until he picked up the pen to write down his own love-story in the invincible hope of his poor heart, to make the love of his life realise his enormous love. 

Currently, he is anticipating the release of his debut novel – THIRTY SIX PLUS ONE.

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