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Loving her for Sexual Pleasures: Not Offensive?

 Loving her for Sexual pleasure: Not Offensive?

Everyone admits 'rape' is heinous. It's both physical and mental torture to any girl who unfortunately suffers it. Such an incident becomes a huge psychological trauma. Most men don’t rape but many of them do ‘objectify’ women in some other way - by dating a girl solely for sex without letting her know. They are smart enough in deriving sexual pleasures out of their girlfriends by winning their love. Such a man initiates with flattering a girl, surprising her with gifts, promising that his love for her is eternal and he ultimately wins a “yes” to his proposal.

He keenly waits for the day when his girlfriend loses herself to him. Once physically satisfied, he is not the same person anymore. He is no more loving, caring and admiring. He has finally got all that he wanted and starts behaving like any other stranger. All dreams finally shattered! It’s shocking but you have to accept the reality. The dream world you have been living in doesn’t exist anymore. You are bound to suffer that pain and you don’t know how much time you might take to get over it- a few months, a year or two or you might end up with a determination that you won’t trust any other man in future. In short, such a setback could leave a very negative impact (temporary or permanent) in your life. 

Pretending to love when he only wants to ‘use’ her is another sort of abuse next to a ‘rape’. It clearly reflects the low mentality of males in society and lack of feminism in them. One should talk about society raising ‘good boys’ to prevent females not only from rapes, but also from such ways of disrespecting them as the feeling of getting ditched, for any individual is emotionally killing.

Now the question of pre-marital sex and morality comes. Is pre-marital sex immoral? It’s you who has to set your own DOs and DON’Ts. There’s nothing wrong or right in pre-marital sex unless it’s a one –sided game, whether from the girl or boy. If both parties keep a mutual consent to go for it without any emotional bonding, it’s not a problem. But fooling your partner with love commitments when you don’t mean them except the sexual strings attached is nothing less than an offence. Mostly females fall prey to it. Many women deeply in love who don’t actually wish to get involved physically with their boyfriends ultimately slip off their feet in the end because of the fact that they start considering their partners before their DON’Ts. That’s when they are mistaken with a feeling that such modesty would make them win their men’s heart. 

One big setback in women is this that they tend to prioritize their love for their partners over their own importance and dignity. They must learn to value themselves first ahead of anyone and anything else.. A huge lot of men need to first understand feminism, respect it and come out as better human beings unlike the sex-starving beasts who can use dirtiest games of manipulation, fake love and commitments. The society has to start recognizing these fake love- men as ‘culprits’ after rapists. On the flip side, females too need to respect themselves wholly and thoroughly without compromising on their self-made principles for their love partners.


Last modified on Friday, 13 September 2013 16:10
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