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Friends - The Fragrant Petals of Life

Friends - The Fragrant Petals of Life

Are you an introvert? Do you have a bunch of people around you everyday, but still prefer to stay isolated? Do you cry your heart out every night, just to overcome an unusual feeling of melancholy? If yes, then clap your hands and shout aloud. You've just found a person who is exactly like you. You've found me. A lonely me.

Life can be eccentric. All of a sudden, it can pull out all the eloquent elements and embark a precarious void. You may feel that everything in your world has ceased, except your breath! But the world around is not even that bad. Still, some magical souls are believed to exist, which can flash a curve on your lips, every time the ocean in your eyes drops a tear. No, I'm not talking about a husband, or a wife, nor about a boyfriend or a girlfriend. I'm talking about friends!

All your friends are just like different volumes of a single unread book. Each and every friend, no matter whether good or bad , depicts the words drenched in deep permanent ink in your book of life. The book might be long, long enough to take your whole life to explore its each and every page. But no page can remain untouched with good company around. A good friend is a charming gardener, who can make your soul blossom like never before.

Friendship is not about feeling unsafe with some person, nor about heavy thoughts or words. It's just about pouring them all out- just as the way they're. Today, I find myself lucky to find a perfect antidote for my million enemies around. No matter you're old or young, at sometime in your merciless or fruitful life, the fire inside your soul will burst out into the flame, and at that moment you'l ponder on the dun sunshine in your own little world and feel the need of a person, who could stand by your side, even during the darkest hour.

Quite a few years ago, Elbert Hubbard mentioned, 'The friend is the man who knows all about you, and still likes you.' And today, as I hold my ball point pen between my thumb and finger, I feel tempted to have felt the true and real essence of true friendship.


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Supriya Kaur Dhaliwal, is a 17 year old writer from Palampur, a ravishing small town of Himachal Pradesh. Presently, Supriya is in the final year of her school. She is a medical student of XII standard. She has a deep interest in literature. She has authored an anthology which is a collection of poems which she wrote in her childhood and early teenage. She has achieved a great success at a very tender age, which is far beyond than anyone can anticipate. Her debut anthology is called “The Myriad” and it contains 39 poems. The book has received applaud from almost its each and every reader. She is one of the most successful young writers of the country. Supriya has an unfailing imaginative mind, an inborn talent to paint vivid pictures of anything in words and a keen sense of observation. In future too, she promises to embed an unforgetable name in English literature.

She can be reached at-

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