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The Facebook Confession Trends: I am Confessing, Are You?

The Facebook Confession PagesConfession pages here and there, not a confession to trust. Seems like the story of your life these days?

One confession page after another has bombarded Facebook.  Oh! And it just doesn’t cease to colleges and schools but extends to hangout places like CCD as well. What started out as an initiative to bring back old school memories and reveal the unexplored fun in your college soon turned into a matrimonial site! ‘Dear AS girl from section A, your beauty baffles me, how can somebody be so pretty and angel-like? Please be mine. I love you.’ And bam! Here’s another proposal for you but the best part is yet to come. It’s anonymous. Your secret ardent admirer, secret hater and secret bitcher, all stay anonymous. Where’s the fun then?

Don’t burst into laughter or stay numb forever after hearing this one, ‘Delhi metro confessions page’. So now you can curse that bitch who stepped over your freshly pedicured feet and compliment that guy who was standing right beside you passing those mushy glances. For instance, 'I saw a girl in black top wearing red shoes in the 2nd coach of the metro heading towards Vishwavidyalaya. I really like you. Will you do fraaandship with me?'

Confession pages have become more of a negativity breeding ground with friends bitching about each other anonymously when in reality they feign an infrangible bond. What’s funnier is the recklessness with which people pour in their confessions. Make outs, bunks, bitchy side unleashed, the cheat code, everything finds a place in these confession pages.

Students had varying opinions regarding the same.

Anamika Singh of IP College, DU, says that "It's just popular culture that would fade away as soon as people realize that it makes no sense. It gives the confessor a platform to abuse and say nasty stuff and hurt the other person as well. People need to get real." However Jia Ghosh of Kirori Mal College shares a different view. She thinks it's really interesting. “Honestly, as long as you are not really insulting anyone, it's all in good fun. It's not something to be taken too seriously anyway.”

Mehak Singh from Hansraj college holds strong notions against the mushrooming confession pages, “" I think it's a little over rated, and just plain stupid. We already have enough messages from weird guys who want to do 'fraandship', this just gives them another chance to stalk us, or know us, in case they confessed about me, and my friends tagged me in it. It's really intrusive.”

Ankit Maheshwari of IIT BHU says he never knew that people had such tragic grammar. It was only these confession pages that brought him face to face with the painful reality.

Nandini Maheshwari of Gargi College, DU remarks that, ‘From school to college, to localities and now metro, I wonder what's about these confession pages that attract so many 'sane' people. So much so just because the identity isn't disclosed. It's nothing more than a superficial reality.

Smridhi Mahajan of DSC, DU had an interesting observation to make. ‘It is just an aped version of the ‘dil se’ column from HT!’

Reporting By: Shruti Maheshwari and Jayati Bhola

Last modified on Saturday, 16 March 2013 17:37
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