Are you a Game of Thrones fan? Here are 11 things that you would agree with

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Game of Thrones

1. Kingship is not for teenage boys:

Jeoffrey proves it. The boy king is cruel and rude and beyond that he is too dumb to understand how cuckoo his actions are. We were all glad to see him die. His face bloated and the poison went to his brains as he turned purple and died a slow, painful death. We were disgusted and happy!

2. Weddings in GOT are color coded

The red wedding in season 3 left us frustrated to the point where all fans were screaming and crying in unison. In the Red wedding Robb Stark – the King in the North is killed under the pretext of a marriage, where he is betrayed. His unborn child dies as his wife is stabbed multiple times in the stomach.  Catelyn Stark too died after begging for her son’s life. The scene where Robb Stark says “mother” before being silenced is heartbreaking. The purple wedding results in Jeoffrey’s death and the end of his rule. He dies in his mother’s arms after having the poisoned wine.

3. Starks are more brawn than brains

In order to give her some time to flee, Eddard Stark told Cersei that he knew about her incest with her brother which resulted in Ned’s death. Jon Snow, after taking his oath tried to run from the wall in order to help his half brother in the battle, this action would have earned him the name of a traitor, had his friends not intervened. Robb Stark married another woman after promising one of the Frey girls, which resulted in his death.

Catelyn let Jaime Lannister, an excellent leverage; go due to her belief that this would help her girls return-which obviously did not happen. Sansa was born an idiot as she betrayed their plans of fleeing to the queen to gain her confidence and to stay with her ‘beloved Jeoff.’ God only knows how Arya is surviving.

4. All hail Lord Snow

Everyone loves Snow. Jon Snow is scintillating in his black; the wolf sword only enhances the look. Kit Harrington is officially hot and makes all the fan girls drool. Personally, I want to see him as king in the north, sitting and ruling in Winterfell. SPOILER ALERT: In the fifth book Jon Snow is stabbed by the men of the watch, it is yet to be seen whether he dies or not. Here’s to hoping that Jon Snow lives.

5. I want a wolf

The desire for a pet dire wolf is too great to abandon. We all want a Nymeria or a Ghost or a Greywind at our side. They would protect us and tear off annoying people. They would be like great big dogs to us-all affection and licks, but to others they would be wild beasts. GoT has exploited the pet-master chemistry in a wild yet effective manner which makes us want a pet wolf. Please mommy! We would feed them ourselves, train them ourselves and if they die we’d bury them ourselves.

6. Faking it convincingly 

We have all wondered about the GOT Brit accents. Dinklage who plays Tyrion is actually American and tries to sound like a Brit, and quite convincingly at that. Gillen who plays littlefinger is actually Irish and his accent sounds like a mixture of everything. Similarly many other characters adopt fake accents to keep the show original. We love the way the Starks speaks wherein lover sounds like lower.

7. Erotic

The show is for adults and there is explicit content. In fact, in the beginning it is too much to handle. All the butts and other parts are shown quite unerringly. Brothels and sexual intercourse is very regular, which is why the show is full of porn stars. As you make your way through the show nudity becomes commonplace as the plot becomes complicated and overbearing, yet extremely interesting.

8. Dramatically violent 

GoT is full of hardcore violence and gruesome deaths. Each and every death is shown in detail and sometimes might make you want to gag and most of the times make you want to cry yourself to sleep. The two kids who were burned black and hung was the most shocking and unnerving scene. It was heartbreaking and left us shaken.

9. If we could, we would rather not watch GoT

George R.R.Martin has killed off anyone and everyone we have come to love. The moment we decided on a favourite character, that character was bound to die. We have a crazy cycle wherein after a particular death we vow to watch no more of ‘this crap serial,’ but what to do-we are officially hooked. We can’t expect a happy ending out of G.R.R.M, but we can hope.

10. Tyrion Lannister must live

We boycott the show if Tyrion Lannister dies. The dwarf with the mismatched eye looks quite different in the series. Tyrion is probably the only Lannister, we have truly loved. He is witty; he can plot and play the game of thrones. Brainy is the new sexy. But what is worth noting about the imp is that he has a pure heart with good intentions. Tyrion seems like he will outlive the other characters through sheer wit and cleverness

11. Everything GoT

The new Dario Naharis is not as cool as the old one. Syrio Forell was a great teacher. We wish Nymeria is alive. We now hate winter and our official line to warn someone is- Winter is coming. Daenerys Targarean should sit on the iron throne (or not). We love the fact that the Supernatural fandom appreciates the game of thrones fandom. Jaime and Brienne- come on already

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