31 Types Of People Found At Every Garba Night!

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31 Types Of People Found At Every Garba Night!

Navratri is one of the longest festivals of our country, and boy do we love it! Here are 31 types of people we meet during Navratri: some nice folks, and some not so nice!

#1. That ‘forever alone’ folk. 

This person has no one to do garba with, s/he is the one you’ll find who is constantly looking at others with sad eyes, trying to make you feel guilty about being popular or having a date for the garba night. Well, too bad love, maybe this Navratri you’ll find someone!


#2. The Miss Perfect.


She has the best outfit, the best jewellery, the best make up, the best hair and the best smile in the entire place. Even after doing garba for 3 hours straight, nothing, absolutely nothing is out of place. She also has the attention of all the guys and everyone gets food and water for her. Yeah, we so wish we could be like her.

#3. The Mister Perfect.


He is handsome, he is charming, he doesn’t stare at you in a bad way but looks at you in a way that makes you want to run to him and give him a hug. He has the perfect kurta, manages to get the outfit right, the hair right and knows how to do garba. He is the one with whom every girl wants to dance. So, sir, can I have this dance?

#4. The Foodie.


The first thing these type of people ask before buying the passes is: “will we have food there?” Even if that initial plan to eat does not work out, this person will drag everyone in the group to eat outside. Not only that, this person knows everything about which place is open at what hour and probably has a menu pre-decided for all the nine days. Who wants to do garba when you can eat?

#5. The Singer.


This person will know every garba by heart. Every single one. It’s like the lyrics are engraved into this person’s body and soul. But wait, it doesn’t end there. S/he will go on to sing all the garbas and songs instead of dancing. Some of such people actually shout along, and not sing along. Annoying much?

#6. The Birdwatcher.


These people are the most in number. S/he comes to garba, expecting it to be full of ‘hot and sexy’ people. They try to get attention of all these hot people and fall hopelessly in love with a lot of people in one night. And they repeat that process every night.

#7. The Sweaty One.


This person stinks, even before doing the garba. S/he is not at all familiar with the concept of putting on deodorant or any sort of fragrance and that is why s/he is a repulsion the minute s/he steps into the dancing ground. Sigh.

#8. The One Who Knows Everyone.


This person keeps vanishing. Why? Simple enough, in a ground that has the capacity to hold 1200 people, this person knows every single of them. S/he never has time for only one set of people and doesn’t stay with one group for more than ten minutes.

#9. The One who Breaks the Dress Code. 


If the group decides to go full on traditional, this person will show up in jeans and vice versa. Apart from being famous for ruining the group picture, this person also takes up some amount of happiness in not doing what everyone does; even if that means that s/he is always out of place.

#10. The One with the Deadline. 


This is the one person who gives everyone in the group a scar. Their parents have everyone’s number and have called each person of the group to ensure that their son or daughter is back home before a given deadline. S/he keeps pestering everyone to do everything fast so that they don’t miss out on anything and can be back home on time.

#11. The One who think’s of Everyone’s Safety. 

All of us have that one parent in the group, be it anything from getting food to going to the loo or from dancing with a new group of people or going home safely, this person thinks that it’s his/her responsibility to see to it that everyone is safe. Thank you.


#12. The Flirty One. 


“Navratri hai, flirt to karna padega na.” This person will flirt with every girl or guy (or both!!) given the chance, for, hey what’s the harm in trying, right?

#13. The One who Never Gets Tired.


This one does not understand the concept of one last dance, and they keep going for their last dance. Even after everyone is literally begging this person to go home, s/he would still want to wait for one last dance. Where do you get the energy, yaar?

#14. The Whiny One.


This person finds something wrong in everything. The car would be too crowded and the dancing area too small, the dress too uncomfortable and the food too spicy; this one will managed to whine about everything.

#15. The Spiritual One.


Whenever a bollywood song is played during the garba, this one would stop dancing and wait for the conventional garba songs to be played for its disrespect to the goddess if we don’t sing garba or bhajans during Navratri. S/he happily lectures everyone about the religious importance of the festival.

#16. The ‘Professional’ Dancer.


Talk about a complicated dance step or a different dance type which has a name you can’t pronounce, this person knows it all and dances to it. Not only is the dance of this person awesome, but s/he makes other people feel that they are just toddlers learning to walk.

#17. The One who’s Dad knows Everyone.


“Oh, that guy, yeah his father knows my dad.” “That girl with the cute butt? Her mom was my dad’s class mate.” “That waiter? Yeah, he worked as a clerk in my dad’s office.” Get it?

#18. The Stylish One.


A show stopper dress, the latest design, the latest trends of jewellery and the style and grace of this person makes everyone look at their own dresses and feel awkward or underdressed. Their style is unparallel. Period.

#19. The Photographer.


This person doesn’t bother to dress up, is missing from every picture and has everyone’s undivided attention for everyone wants the person to click a picture of them. There, there.

#20. The Gujju.


This person is so gujju in everything that s/he does that you can’t help but fall in love with them. The way the want food after every dance, the way in which they wait eagerly for ‘Sanedo’, their dressing and style of speaking, everything about them screams how much they love this festival and more importantly, love being a gujju.

#21. The Pushy One. 


This one thinks that any ground is a battle ground so whenever he sees someone dancing ahead of him/her, they consider it their duty to push that person aside and move on. These people won’t stop even if the person who is pushed aside is dead. So yeah, scoot over.

#22. The Over-Enthusiastic One.


These people have been planning for Navratri since last Navratri. Their outfits are decided a month back, all the things are in place and these people keep calling/texting everyone, and practically forcing everyone to go out for garba every night. When finally dancing, they don’t care about the steps, they just feel the energy and dance to it.

#23. The Bored One.


This one spends all his/her time wondering why in the world s/he came here, in this crowded place. This person doesn’t like people, doesn’t like to do garba and has a problem with loud noise. They just wait for the evening to come to an end, or leave the venue abruptly, quite early at that!

#24. The Complaining One.


For them, the music will always be loud or their choli be a little too tight or a little loose. They will keep complaining about anything and everything to whom so ever in this world would listen to them. Distracted much?

#25. The Stalker. 


This one’s a personal headache. They will take care of you more than your dad, follow you from home to the venue, walk around you when you’re dancing, and follow you even when you go to the loo and then back home. Creepy much?

#26. The Chasmish One.

Everyone comes with a personal problem during navratri, this one comes with glasses. Every single time, they miss a clap or a beat because their stupid glasses kept slipping off their noses. Well, too bad.


#27. The Late Comer.

They are not aware that clocks and watches exist in this world. Assuming that everyone follows their time zone, s/he decides that it’s okay to startgetting ready when that person was supposed to reach the venue. When they finally make it to the venue, it’s already pack up time and everyone is too exhausted to continue.


#28. The One with The Props.

This one has a thing for additional accessories. They bring with them a lot of different, sometimes weird, props which help them to accentuate their dance and they somehow manage to carry them off.


#29. The One with the Free Pass.

This person is everyone’s favorite. “Aye, tu mera bhai hai na, wo ek pass chahiye tha,” is the line with which everyone greets him/her. Without this person, the garba nights wouldn’t be possible. A sort of mini celebrity? Hell yes!


#30. The Uselessly Tired One.

They look around, sigh, drink some water, come back, look around some more, sigh some more and drink some more water. Why? Because they are tired. Of what? No one knows.


#31. The Trespassers.

The coolest or the creepiest group of people who think that “kuch na kuch jugad ho hi jayega” is how the world functions and if they are unable to do some sort of “jugad”, they break into a garba place without any passes or permission. Oh, it has it’s own kick!

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