When Youth24x7 was founded in 2022, the vision was to create a community of young individuals gearing up to voice their opinions. The vision has been realized thanks to the growing number of contributors who have created a platform for themselves that represents a cusp of passion, experience and wisdom – a platform that is ever evolving and growing leaps and bounds.

Don’t worry, if we wrote something, that wouldn’t be us by the time you read it!



Youth24x7 is a media house for the youth. It envisions sourcing, identifying, developing and delivering locally unique, youth-specific, inspirational and significant content to the youth, with the singular view of converting reading from an optional hobby to an important habit.


Youth24x7 is a venture “of the Youth, by the Youth, and for the Youth” and is the work of college students, driven by the passion to make their voices heard. We encourage and support our readers to get themselves published on our widely popular platform, and our exciting work culture enables tens of students to join our team.


Youth24x7 is run by a group of passionate and enthusiastic college students based in India. We have our team members, occasional writers, and contributors, from across the country – and even from outside the country – while we have the operations headquartered at Lajpat Nagar, New Delhi.

Our journey began with the belief that the youth have a unique perspective and a powerful voice that deserves to be heard. Over time, this vision has materialized into a thriving hub where individuals converge to share their experiences, insights, and wisdom. At Youth24x7, we recognize the significance of fostering a space that transcends generational boundaries, creating a cusp where passion meets experience, and wisdom intertwines with youthful energy.

Join us in this journey of expression, exploration, and evolution. At Youth24x7, your voice matters, and together, we continue to redefine the narrative.

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