57 Signs That Tell You You Are In Mumbai

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Here are 57 Signs That Tell You You Are In Mumbai:

1) Heading out to the nearby mall? Are you sure it is equipped well enough to survive an apocalypse?
2) Fair enough, the traffic is stagnant and we can’t remain un-entertained, can we?

57 Signs That Tell You You Are In Mumbai
3) You find intimidating skyscrapers right next to pitiful slums.
4) Every board you read has scary-sounding Marathi words staring back at you.
5) Eateries at every corner, but none can accommodate an extra customer (read: you).
6) Every rickshawala is dutifully in his uniform.
7) Can’t miss showing off the sparkly badge that comes along, can he?
8) A (almost invisibly) scratched Merc makes for the best of street fights.
9) While the onlookers wonder which of the two parties could ever get closer to owning one.
10) Monsoon evenings mean exhilarating walks on the Marine Drive.

57 Signs That Tell You You Are In Mumbai
11) And admiring the swarm of couples scattered throughout.
12) ‘Bambaiyaa’ is everyone’s designated mother tongue.
13) Pure Hindi is plain confusing.
14) You remain oblivious to your newly developed expertise in handling local trains.
15) But your joints have even mastered the act of moving in and out of a moving train, like a boss.

local train
16) Once in, you are compelled to treat fellow passengers like nothing less than family.
17) Especially those stacked with food.
18) Perpetually polluted roads. Period.
19) Chor Bazar – A place where you have to bargain to get your own stuff back. Sigh.
20) You become immune to all kinds of smells.
21) Heavy rains and flooded roads remain incapable of isolating the busy streets.
22) So do bo#b bl@sts.
23) A leg injured while using public transport goes as unnoticed as the ‘No Parking’ signs.
24) The hardest decision of your life is whether you should take a rickshaw or walk the mile.
25) Any food item suffixed with a ‘Pav’ will be your staple food, at least at some point of time.
26) Vadapav cravings dominate your mind at ungodly hours.

10 Reasons Why Mumbai Is The City Of Dreams

27) Celebrity appearances can’t stop you from bargaining for that extra nimbu.
28) Unless of course, it’s Ranbir Kapoor.

29) In that case “Ailaaa Ranbirrr!” *balances vegetables in one hand, holds up saree and runs*
30) You don’t need to remember everyone’s first name.
31) Calling anyone and everyone “boss” works at all times.
32) Convincing a rickshawala is tougher than pacifying an angry girlfriend.
33) Trains and buses don’t allow you an extra inch to breathe.
34) While playing card games, gossiping and singing bhajans can be done with an effortless ease.
35) A crowded Sidhdhivinayak at 4 am doesn’t lift eyebrows anymore.
36) A Virar local full of people still fascinates you, but you choose to stay away from it.
37) Getting a fresh hot serving of lunch at the right time is an issue no more.
38) The Dabbawalahs are the ultimate saviours.

57 Signs That Tell You You Are In Mumbai

39) The station is no less than a supermarket. Everything you need, they unfailingly provide.
40) Navratri means Falguni Pathak’s garba nights!
41) If you go to any other city, you always feel like there is no traffic.
42) A word which unites the entire city in expressing disagreement: ‘GHANTA!’
43) Doesn’t matter how badly screwed you are, you can always work something out.
44) Jugaaad is your life’s ideology.
45) You fear buying a car fearing – not because of its exorbitant price, but because you fear not finding parking space.
46) When a person blames traffic for being late to his own party, you know he’s not faking it.
47) The variety of people leaves you spellbound.
48) You wake up to Guajarati bhajans blaring next door, a Punjabi family accompanies you while jogging, a North Indian conductor smiles at you on the train and a Mallu colleague invites you for Idli-Sambhar.
49) The street shopping amazes you.

You Are In Mumbai
50) Ditch the tags and your entire party look is completed without even spending a full K.
51) Every Mumbaikar is perpetually scared of one thing running out – TIME.
52) You find a chai shop every kilometer you travel.
53) And nobody can stop you from excusing yourself for a chai break!
54) Irani Chai.
55) Celebrity abodes serve as the best of landmarks.
56) You know Mumbai is not just the city that never sleeps, it’s also the city that never lets YOU sleep.
57) Once you live in this city, you’re well equipped to survive any city in the world.

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