75 Reasons Why I Read Books

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75 Reasons Why I Read Books

When you are done reading these points, run to the nearest book shop, grab a book, start reading and tell me if and when you stop! Here are 75 reasons why I read books

1. When there is reading, there is no boredom!
2. Through reading, I escape into a world which is as real to me as the world I live in, only much better.
3. Through reading, I live multiple lives. Who gets to do that!
4. Reading gives me the ability to explore anything and everything I want, in any country, about any subject.
5. Reading equals to endless pleasure. All I need to do is pick up a book!
6. It exposes me to endless wisdom, preserved over the ages!
7. It makes me empathize with the characters. That makes me a better person in reality.
8. It shows me that everything happens for a reason.
9. Escapism, in case of reading, is bliss!
10. I get to be a know-it-all!
11. It makes me believe that anything and everything is possible!
12. Want to start a useless, boring conversation? Feel free, I’ll just keep reading!
13. It gives me a peek in the lives of people I may never know. That way, I experience, witness, observe and learn more than an average, non-reading person.
14. Can you see ghosts? Swim in an ocean while sitting at the canteen of your college? I can, my imagination lets me!
15. Does it blow your mind when I understand every emotion like I feel it all the time? That’s because I read!
16. You know what they say about therapy being too expensive? Try talking to me; I can solve your problems through the things that Dumbledore and others like him taught me!
17. I can dodge awkward silences, weird stares and uncomfortable pauses with an interesting tale or some fun incident that I read about. Always.
18. Want to trash a person you hate? I will give you ways to insult someone and they won’t realize what you did while you walk away smiling to yourself!
19. I can be blissfully ignorant about a boring TV show or silently slip out of an argument and start reading!
20. I get to step away from the drama of my own life, if only for a little while!
21. The only reason I have not yet slapped you. So shut up and let me read!
22. It teaches me how to be alright about all the different types of people who walk into my life. So if you decide to date a dog, I won’t judge you.
23. Reading has shown me that different does not always mean bad. Being different is good! Yes, we can wear robes to college, just like they do at Hogwarts!
24. I have multiple perspectives of any given situation. In a way, I am better than Google!
25. It gives me the sense that my life is complete. Life without reading is incomplete, right?
26. At any given time, fiction is better than reality.
27. Through reading, I get access to multiple universes, where I can do anything.
28. It makes me have hope, even in the darkest of times!
29. I am a bibliophile.
30. I never feel alone or lonely. That is a good thing to feel!
31. Through reading, I appreciate every little thing around me.
32. I always have different ways to deal with any situation up my sleeve. I am always prepared because, you know, I have read about every situation and I know what to do when!
33. I know how to appreciate beauty.
34. Reading is a beautiful process. The words weave a special magic.
35. I know when to hold on to something. Also, I know that letting go of something is also okay!
36. I am a misfit. Reading takes away that feeling.
37. It gives me a chance to be a part of something huge, away from my own life. Yes, I was there when Gandalf knocked on the door!
38. Books never leave you. Never.
39. It’s time travel in my own little hands. I have seen the England of 16th century, have you?
40. When I read, time and space have no meaning or importance. How cool is that?
41. It allows me to dream and to fulfill my dreams at the same time! I have been a writer, a detective, a goblin and a wizard! What have you been?
42. I lose myself when I read and the person whom I find again is a better, mature and a grown version of me.
43. It helps me steer clear of math! 2+1= Harry, Ron and Hermione to me!
44. It gives me the strength to laugh at myself! Who cares, it happened to my favorite character as well!
45. It constantly shows me that in life, no matter what, good always triumphs over evil.
46. It restores my faith to humanity and all that is good in this world.
47. Every wished you could fly? Try reading! It actually gives you wings.
48. Reading is like having a conversation with fifty different people at the same time. You wouldn’t even hear a whisper!
49. It allows me to come across, in every era, someone like me. The feeling of being wrong or the only one who thinks like that goes away.
50. You not only know and love the characters but also the authors. I can say that I am friends with Shakespeare as well as Rushdie!
51. It allows you to fall in love. More than once!
52. It gives me an upper hand in any debate. Want to bet?
53. It allows me to have separate identities and guess what? The government has no clue about this!
54. It makes me believe that eventually, everything works out for the best.
55. It is the best source of freedom!
56. Every time I pick up a book, I feel it vibrate with words, tales and people who have stories to tell. It makes me the best listener alive!
57. My parents never object to it. It makes everyone happy!
58. It gives me things about which I talk to myself! No, no one finds that crazy!
59. It feeds my need for intelligent conversation! So it’s okay if you act dumb around me, my books take care of that void!
60. I know the consequences of my actions beforehand. Now you know how I avoid trouble!
61. It taught me to be a better observer and when I see someone behaving like a character from some book, I silently smile to myself!
62. I have realised that my thoughts are not exclusive to myself! There were people before me, great writers, who thought and felt the same way. I am proud to share the same frequency!
63. It is the cheapest form of therapy!
64. When you read, everyone feels comfortable around you!
65. I come across people who don’t get me, all the time! However, my books always get me!
66. It is very easy to get gifts for me! Give me a book once and I will love you forever!
67. Reading gives you fame in your own family. Aunties and uncles fear someone who reads. They wont mess with you!
68. I am over sensitive, but that’s okay. You can always hide behind a book and shed a tear or two. They keep your secrets.
69. Reading makes me patient and tolerant towards people. I can wait for any amount of time at a restaurant or at the movies; all I need is a book!
70. I like to talk about what I read. That way, people who do not like reading automatically move away and people who remain are proud bookworms, like me.
71. People look at you like you are an alien. They think you are weird. They don’t know what they are missing. Reading is a source of constant amusement!
72. Its food for my thought. So when you think I am staring at a wall like a lost person, I am actually debating and arguing concepts in my head.
73. It expands the horizon of my mind and it is so real that I can actually feel it. It’s like stretching a rubber band. It has no limits.
74. It is a personality statement. What you read speaks volumes about you, all you need is people who can interpret you correctly!
75. They are the best form of accessories. Anyone who is holding a book looks beautiful.

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