Social Networking And Bollywood: How Much Is Too Much?

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Social Networking And Bollywood: How Much Is Too Much?

You don’t exist if you are not on any social networking sites. Bollywood and celebrities have started using these tools in all possible ways. Some use them a little too much than others. Shouldn’t there be a line a celebrity must draw?

Remember the early 2000′s? Yes, I’m talking of that time when sticking a huge poster of Brad Pitt on your cupboard was your way of expressing your unrequited love for him. Or buying the original CD of the latest album of Backstreet Boys, as soon as it came out proved that you were a fan. Or if nothing else, catching the first show of Shahrukh Khan’s any XYZ movie showed your loyalty to him. Yes, that my dear people, is a matter of history, as doing all of this in today’s time would be considered, as my Gujju friends would call it, “Gadha Majuri,” meaning unnecessary/too much work.

You do not exist if you are not a Facebook, Twitter, Instagram user.

Connecting or communicating is no more an issue as it is literally available at the touch of your fingertips. Proving that you’re a fan is as easy too! Welcome to the world of social networking sites. You do not exist if you are not a Facebook, Twitter, Instagram user. Your profiles on these sites are almost like your Social Security Cards, they are your identity, a proof of your existence! Okay, if you think what you’re going to read further is going to be just another debate of whether these sites are “a curse or a boon,” you might just be right. Only, these would be in the form of your favourite Bollywood celebrities talking. A recent survey that took place by a popular Music TV Channel had questions regarding social networking sites being asked to the B-Town actors.

The iconic actor Amitabh Bachchan says, “It’s a great medium to interact with people that I’m not aware of, though I cannot stand abusive language or explicit content. While people may think I have given up my entire privacy, I still hold on to a lot things that the public is not aware of.” On the other hand the torchbearer of this generation, Ranbir Kapoor who is not on any social networking site says, “The only way I do like connecting with my fans is through my work. And I’m a little conventional that way, I would not want to update every little detail of where I am or what I am doing.” Malaika Arora feels these sites are very popular for their business and says, “Even though I’m not on any social networking site, I feel it’s essential to be social, and in our industry it is a way of promoting our work.” Popular Indian columnist and novelist, Shobha De is all up for social networking sites and says, “I think social platforms are very democratic. If you can handle the heat, stay on it, otherwise nobody has put a gun to your head.”

Well, there’s no denying to the fact that social media has become a very crucial part of film-making. The entire tradition of promoting one’s film has social networking sites a lot to thank about. We are very much a part of the tech-savvy generation and the dynamics of interacting with one’s fans have taken a huge leap. Some work well, some are great for the business, some have a way of telling people they are still alive and some are just very disturbing stories to crawl into the big web that we call Bollywood. To each his own – I feel, but how much is too much? Is there a definite line that a celebrity needs to draw or a keep in mind the responsibility that lies with him/ her while using the social networking tools? You can always tweet me your opinions to this incessant debate!

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