12 Most Annoying Things That Every Topper Student Gets To Hear

By Youth24x7
Annoying Things

Yes, we are the ones who love to study. We are referred to as “encyclopedias”. We are the ones who make it a point to top in every academic exam. Call us nerdy, studious, or toppers; we are the ones who are the apples of our parent’s eyes and favourites of our teachers.

The kind of image people usually have in their minds for us topper students is generally characteristic of oily hair, wearing big reading glasses, and carrying incredibly thick books in their hands. But let me tell you, that is not the case. We’re sick and tired of you telling us to stop studying or making us sound like we’re gnawing all the time.

Here are the 12 most annoying sentences that we get to hear once in a while. If you’re a topper too, we’re sisters/brothers in struggle. And the next time we meet, avoid using these for us.

1. My god! How do you study so much? I mean, why?

Sometimes even I question myself, why? But you know what? That is none of your business. I study to get good marks, is that enough?

2. Does studying come under your hobby too?

People should try to understand that there is a difference between things that I can do and things that I “love” to do. If I can study well and manage to get good marks that don’t mean it is my hobby!

3. How can you wake up so late? Don’t you study morning to night?

Excuse me? My mom is not bothered about it, then why are you? I will study whole night or won’t study at all… How does that matter to you?

4. These glasses? You got due to over dose of studies?

It seems but it is not a norm that each person who is studious and has glasses is the one who got it because of studies! Pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeease stop assuming this.

5. You must know everything. After all you are the topper.

I wish I knew how to kill you, and how to implant a bomb in your pants even without letting you know.

6. You drink and party too?

No. I don’t! I actually come with books to study even in parties so that I don’t end up wasting even a millisecond of my life. I don’t have a life beyond books.

7. You are still awake late night, you must be studying.

Are you kidding me? I was actually trying to figure out what lies between your throat and my knife, probably…. Nothing!

8. You are a topper, nothing is difficult for you. Please help me with these assignments.

People annoy with this often. From next time I am going to charge a few dollars for this. Can you pay?

9. Do you study 24 hours a day?

W-H-A-T? Are you so stupid to ask this? Refrain yourself from asking something so stupid like this. I don’t only study 24 hours a day, I wink and breathe too 

10. So many books! Do you read them all?

Naah! I am going to sell them and buy a wedding gift for you on your wedding. Who is going to read them all? Me? No way!

11. Can you pass on a bit of your brain to me too; I want to score well like you.

Jesus! Yes, why not? Come for dinner tonight, I will serve it on your plate with some sauce and butter too.

This is the most annoying one

12. You don’t really need to prepare! You must be already prepared for the exams. Don’t lie.

Mei geeta pe hath rakhke kasam khati hu…. I can’t believe that I have to swear on just to say that no, I am not yet prepared, seriously? Have you started counting me out of the human race?

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