12 Things That Internet Does To People After A Breakup

By Youth24x7
12 Things That Internet Does To People After A Breakup

Social networking, social media, that is the internet that we know as, has made our life an open book – all feelings, reminiscences along with a lot of junk is stored in the confines of a person’s Facebook wall, Instagram or Twitter. But along with all of this, it has also changed our way of coping with a failed relationship. Here are the things social networking does to people post relationships:

1. Stalking your ex’s wall, pictures, posts, even notes. And refreshing it until you remember each and every post, verbatim!

2. Stalking your ex’s current girlfriend/boyfriend, crush, interest. Yeah sure you’re doing that, stalking just one profile is incomplete information. No? And, incomplete information is almost next to useless. Atta boy (or girl or umm whatever)!

3. Uploading age old pictures of the two of you in “happier times”. Cherish those moments, eh?

4. Tagging or liking ancient pictures. Revisiting the past? Totally.

5. Ugh. Those super long hash tags:

To people who do that:

6. Ah, how can I forget those horrible Hindi posts? 

“Tumhaare jaane ka ab gam nahi, tumhaari salaamati ki ab chinta nai, kyuki tum gaye toh gaye par humaari khushiya bhi tumhaare sath sanam chali gayi”.

One question: why!?

7. Checking his/her tweets and trying to find that “hidden message of pain”.

To them: @weirdlover he/she is not in pain, all your (not so) soothing ways are in vain.

8. Oh, the public announcement. How could I miss that?

Changing your relationship status from “In a Relationship” to “It’s Complicated” to “Single”.
Thank you so much. Everyone was dying to know.

While some just don’t get over the moping, some take the “wilder” route!

9. Bad mouthing, wall spamming and what not! Telling people what an ass or whore he/she was and on top of that, claiming that said person “cannot stoop any lower”.

Well, you dimwit; you just stooped to the lowest of lows!
P.S. – Don’t scrape your knees crawling up.

10. If you possess the psychotic streak then sending ‘death threats’ or ‘scary messages’ to either your ex or his/her current.

Whoa so scary!
Hold on. Holy Mother, it is scary!

11. Posting “inappropriate” pictures or conversation screen shots. Those are definitely going to scandalise someone on the radar.

Start looking for your Olivia Pope, people!

12. Lastly, finding solace in ‘unrealistic virtual’ “ventures”. Talking to random strangers seeking approval. Being someone you’re not and blah blah. Dude, if you’re game for talking to strangers then maybe join a community group where you actually TALK.

Being someone else ain’t gonna help, bro.

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