8 Ways To Make Long Distance Relationships Work

By Youth24x7
Long Distance Relationships

1. Accept the fact that you cannot meet every other day. Every day you wait, is another day you will never get back. Just keep the happiness and love factor strong. To make a long distance relationship work, you definitely need to trust each other blindly.

2. Try to be optimistic. Think about the pleasure of seeing your partner after a long time. Also, being far apart gives you a chance to have your own space. It is okay to let yourself be happy, whatever the case may be, because you never know how fleeting that happiness might be.

3. Keep in touch through messages, calls and Skype everyday but do not poke each other too much. Video call should be the mantra to keep the relationship solid. DO NOT fight on petty issues like “baby you did not send a morning message and blah blah blah.”

4. Be patient! Do not panic if you haven’t received a text or a call in days. Poking your partner’s friends for inquiry is prohibited. Also, when you finally get in touch, do not bombard him/her with 1000 questions. This would ruin things further. The code says; do not panic for 4 days maximum, after that the CID mode must be activated.

5. Share the highlights of the day before talking about your problems. Talking only about the sad part of the day is not such a good idea when you talk for 10 minutes a day. Most importantly, DO NOT START THE BLAME GAME. It is the perfect ingredient for an unwanted argument. Keep the short chats exciting, so that you feel like talking.

6. Form a bucket list of things you will do the next time you meet. This will fill you with excitement of meeting your partner and would divert your attention from not being able to meet each other for months. For instance, an awesome trip would want to go for.

7. Try to make each other feel important and special, by sending sweet texts or surprising your partner through unplanned visits or sending gifts. If you are the “not so cheesy ones” this might not work for you. You can still tell your partner time to time that you are lucky to have him/her in your life. Show some commitment.

“It is an easy thing, saying “I love you” to people who matter. You never know when you might lose them or when they might lose you.” – One Tree Hill

8. The last but not the least is, try to stay happy individually. This would be an instant booster for your relationship. Share happiness! Also, do not focus on the fights you have, rather focus on how brilliantly you are making this work.

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