20 Things You Must Do in Your Last Semester of College

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20 Things You Must Do in Your Last Semester of College

It’s your last semester in college and you’re still wondering whether you’ve ticked off everything from that wish list you made you made in your first semester. Revise your checklist with this one and see what you’ve missed out!

1. Stop counting everything as the ‘last’

Of course there is going to be the last fest, the last sports day, the last march past – but is that reason why you shouldn’t enjoy all of these events? Stop telling yourself this is the end. The three years you’ve spent have given you more first than lasts!

2. Tell your friends you love them

Appreciate the good people in your life. Tell them that you love them. If they have made your college life worthwhile, they deserve to know. They’ve made you laugh, they’ve picked you up when you thought you couldn’t do any better, they’ve loved you and cared for you – let them know how special they are to you.

3. Forgive and forget and let go

You must have made many friends when you joined college some stuck by you and some didn’t. You made some 3 AM friends but you also befriended some people who did not have your back. Forgive them- for your own peace of mind. It’s okay to remind yourself of the impact they had on your life but stop trying to keep a check on them. There are other important persons in your life who are worthy of your time and attention.

4. Acknowledge your teachers

As independent as college lectures may make you feel, you still have a lot to thank your professors for. They have contributed to your growth in a lot of ways. At this point in your life, they mean much more than just academic professors. They are the mentors, the guides, the counsellors who make it easy for you by sharing their priceless experiences.

5. Take that road trip

You know you’ve been planning it for the longest time. Pack your bags, put your sneakers on and go! Explore the places you have always wanted to go to. Take your camera, make memories. You are still not shouldering the responsibilities that you will be expected to fulfil in the next five years. Stop complaining about having no time in hand. You’ve got the rest of your life to worry about that.

6. Confess!

If you feel it, say it. Unless you do, he is not going to know about it magically. Or she is not going to have a little fairy bring her the Valentine present you bought her but never gave. Life is short, you hear people saying this all the time. You are going to realize it yourself in no time. Let the love flow. So stop being harsh on yourself. Trust your heart. Ask. Believe. Receive.

7. Stay out all night

You’ve stayed up all night, many nights. You haven’t slept for many nights in a row. But that’s all been indoors; either warmed up under your blanket or in front of the laptop screen. For some of you it’s been the endless phone calls that have kept you awake all night long. Go out now. Stay outside and visit all of those places you’ve wanted to see in the absence of light. The beach, the fairy lights, the busy streets. Go to that park, lie down on the grass and gaze at the stars.

8. Keep looking for jobs

While you are almost done with your graduation, remember that you still have time to decide what you want to study next. Explore your options. Try your hand a new things. Pursue your passions and dreams. Go on a job hunt and figure out what it really is that you are meant for.

9. Be Selfish

It may sound a little blunt, but this would be a good time to concentrate on You. Take out some ‘me time’. Find out your needs, your desires. Put yourself before people for a little while. At least start your journey toward your goal.

10. Take the road less travelled

It’s high time you stand up for yourself. Defend your beliefs. Stand by your principles. If you believe in something strongly, let the rest of them know. Gone should be the time where you felt it necessary to be in congruence with someone else’s opinions and viewpoints. Portray your perspective.

11. Thank your parents

They’ve seen you turn from a tantrum – throwing teenager to a much mature version of you that you are right now. They’ve been there for you and are probably the only people who are always going to be there. When it comes to your parents, the word forever holds true to its meaning. Tell them that you love them, even if you don’t say it too often.

12. Start becoming the person you want to be

Life is not going to start when you have a job or when you get married or when you have your own house. This is life. What you are doing right now and what is happening to you while you are busy making other plans; that is life. If you’ve dreamed of being a photographer all your life, then do it. If you want to sit in café with your favourite book in hand, do it. If you want to work at the airport, apply for that job. Conquer time, for it is not something that will return.

13. Watch the sunrise

You may be an evening person in a morning world. But wake up for the sunrise one day and let it transform you. Breathe in the fresh air. Listen to the birds chirp. When you see the sun rise, you’ll definitely not want to miss the sunset. It’s mystical. Enjoy the things nature has put out for us.

14. Leave no stone unturned

Whichever city you’re studying in, take a tour around it. There have got to be places you haven’t visited yet. The golgappa shop you always found too unhygienic but secretly wanted to visit for the mouth-watering food, the art galleries you never went to because they lie in another corner of the city. Do it now, when you have the time.

15. Splurge!

It’s okay to be extravagant once in a while. After all, it is your last semester! Buy the clothes, the shoes, the bags, the belts, the books. Pamper yourself.

16. Be a glutton

Try every dish in your college canteen. Eat without worrying about the calories. You can hit the gym for a few extra days to shed those extra kilos. Savour the food of your college canteen, of the city you are in. whether you miss the classes so much or not, you’re definitely going to miss the food.

17. Exercise

Well, since we are talking about the food. Let’ accept it. It is important to exercise and to stay healthy. Make your own fitness regime and follow it. Start by trying to not snub your alarm every morning.

18. Look up – from your gadgets

There’s a whole world out there, see it. Look around. Take your eyes off of your phones, laptops, iPad, and iPods. Realize that a lot of times six people sit in a room, in absolute silence – you know why? Because they are too busy staring into the screens of their gadgets. Don’t be one of them. Have a real conversation.

19. Eat. Sleep. Rave. Repeat.

The time is now. Enjoy these days with your friends. You can eat what you want, wear the clothes you want to wear, go places. And you can do it all over again. Make the most of your days.

20. Give your heart a break

The world is not a horrid place. Life is not always difficult. Let things be simple. Don’t overthink. Sometimes, people are going to do horrible things, but that doesn’t mean they are horrible people. You are going to see ups and downs and that’s when you are going to see who stand by you through thick and thin. Choose your friends wisely. Every morning, make sure, that you laugh a little more, love a little more, and live a little more.

It’s going to be a rollercoaster ride ahead. You may not see it coming right now, but in a few months, you are going to look back and count these as some of the best days of your lives. Stay happy, and make memories. Cheers!

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