25 Things Boys Wish Girls Understood

By Youth24x7
25 Things Boys Wish Girls Understood

After exploring the unchartered territories of the mysterious female minds, it’s time to enter the unexplored alleys of the brash male mind!
Here are 25 things boys wish girls understood!

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1. When you ask questions like “what are you thinking about” and I say “nothing” 9 times out of 10, I really wasn’t thinking about much!
2. Just because I don’t want to hang out with you sometimes doesn’t mean I don’t like you. I would, only if you were a videogame!
3. Monthly anniversaries are silly. It is a recession!
4. When it’s ‘that time of the month’ please give us a heads up. We don’t come equipped to deal with wild mood swings!
5. Just because I have a lot of female friends, doesn’t necessarily mean I am a ‘dog’ or a ‘player’. Can I live?
6. No matter what we say, our moms will always be the closest to us.
7. Don’t ask us questions like ‘Which one will you prefer, between spending time with your girlfriend and watching sports with the guys’, if you expect to hear the truth!
8. Crying in front of us is a very bad idea; it makes us more vulnerable than you.
9. We are possessive about our bikes/car, doesn’t mean that we like/love you any less!
10. Batman is class. Twilight is crass. Period.

11. Our first commitment is to ourselves at work, and to you at home!
12. Stop asking, “Where is this going?” Let the relationship explore itself.
13. Fathers are just as important as mothers.  No chauvinism please!
14. We lie. A lot. But we are loyal at the end of the day!
15. Coffee doesn’t primarily mean sex; it means COFFEE (conditions applied though)!
16. Cricket is not only a religion, it is LIFE, so just sit back and watch the fun.
17. We definitely like it when you come cheer for us when we play football!
18. When it comes to makeup, less is more.
19. We have a bad memory. We forget things! Our bad!
20. If something is bothering you then say so. Don’t send your best friend to interrogate us. ‘Subtle’ to you means nonexistent to us!
21. Drinking doesn’t mean we’re alcoholics. Drinking just means we want to enjoy without any inhibitions.
22. Things that you look down upon, is not in our hands. Thinking about ‘making love’ often just means that we are ‘engineered’ this way
23. Chivalry is defined on an individual level. Do Not Compare. Actually, we hate comparisons on any front. And drama of any kind!
24. Rom-coms intend a pun on the word ‘comedies’. Understand it.
25. Spending time with pets can be really high on our priority list. Don’t undermine it. The same goes for sports.

– Content Writer, Youth24x7

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