25 Things Girls Wish Boys Understood

By Youth24x7
25 Things Girls Wish Boys Understood

It’s time to enter the unchartered territories of the mysterious female mind; here are 25 things girls wish boys understood!

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1. When I talk about how pretty my cousin looked in her wedding dress, it doesn’t mean I am pressurising you to marry me now. Wedding dresses appealed to me since I was 15 (not 5).
2. When I say I’ve already picked the names of my kids and you’re scared, there’s a good chance you’re not going to be their father.
3. When you come shopping with me “yeah”, “good” and “fine” are not the answers that I am looking for every time I try on a dress!
4. Don’t say you’ll call when you can’t…
5. Rating other women makes you the biggest loser on Earth.
6. Not all our bad moods are connected to PMS, nor all women bad drivers!
7. Rash driving is uncool, and that’s that.
8. Jokes directed at our family members and close friends are not funny. Talk about sensitivity!
9. When we say it’s okay, we bloody don’t mean it!
10. When we earn, or earn a little more and buy something for you, we are NOT trying to insult you or prove that we are better. It’s ‘Your Assumption’!

11. Sometimes she’s not thinking about you, get over it.
12. She has a best friend; of course, she is going to give her all the details!
13. We don’t care what you did with your ex or what you shared with her. We don’t need to hear about it either!
14. The right answer to the question “Do I look fat?” is “Not at all”. Always.  When we compare our flabby tummy to a kangaroo pouch, say nothing.
15. There is a fine line between being protective and possessive, make sure you never cross it.
16. Just because we are sweet to a guy, doesn’t mean we are flirting! Neither do we ‘like’ him.
17. Girls need to be pampered. There are no two ways about it!
18. Do not act needy. It’s a big turn off.
19. We gossip. Deal with it.
20. Texting us sweet things is cute. We adore it!
21. Chick flicks to us, are what video games are to you. We don’t like action movies; you ogle Megan Fox, not us.
22. Relationships last longer when everybody doesn’t know your business. What’s private should stay private!
23. Shopping isn’t always for recreational purposes. Sometimes we like to make ourselves feel better, or applaud our own achievements by buying something pretty!
24. Chivalry is nice. Treating your girl with respect is even better.
25. Silence does not always mean anger. Sometimes it means we are coiling back in our shells, afraid to open up again.

– Content Writer, Youth24x7

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