5 Reasons Why You Should Maintain Your Personal Diary

By Youth24x7

The word Personal Diary actually drives you crazy especially when it belongs to someone else. But when it is yours, it’s one of the most precious things for you. Personal Diary is all about your personal thoughts and your feelings. You often hear from others that you should not maintain a Personal Diary as it discloses your feelings if someone reads it but here I will give you five reasons why you should maintain your Personal Diary.

1. Easy Outlet of Feelings: – You know what the biggest fear in this world is what if someone makes fun of your feelings? This thought haunts many in fact all of us. After all who likes to get hurt? Feelings are an incredible part of us. Sharing your feelings with someone means you have given your trust to that person and obviously that person is someone who is close to you. But it’s not important that you always have that person around you. What if you shifted to a new city for a job or for studies? Though we are living in an era of technology but still you cannot get in touch with anyone at anytime what if the person is busy or unwell or technology goes wrong? And you just can’t share your feelings with anyone. So, in such a case, maintaining a personal diary is not a bad option.

You can easily share your thoughts and feelings through writing and when you write, it actually makes you feel burden free. And no one can make fun of your feelings. It’s the easiest way of expressing yourself and keeping a Personal Diary is surely an easy outlet of your feelings.

2. Can Re-live the Moments: – Writing a personal diary is not about writing down your hardships. It is also about sharing the most beautiful moments of life. Your gift to your parents from your first salary, your first love, your best friend’s craziest birthday party where s/he was drunk like hell, the appreciation from the boss, that last memorable college trip with the batch, the first kiss, the cousin’s wedding where all the cousins together gossiped all night, the experience of the first tracking trip which you start being stranger and end up as a good friend and so on. You can re-live those moments at any time which you spend with your loved ones. Suddenly after a long time on a Sunday afternoon in winter while sipping your coffee you read those old pages of your diary and then make a call to some old friend and share those old moments again which you spent together. You can always cherish those moments.

3. Improves Writing Skills: – This is the most common thing but it’s a fact that writing a diary improves one’s writing skills too. Writing a Diary daily becomes a habit. Writing improves your skills and whoever knows one becomes a good writer at the end, after all, whatever you write; you will receive appreciation for sharing some good thoughts from your diary.

4. How Far Have You Come: – You write down your thoughts, your hardships, your feelings, and your loving moments and so on… And suddenly one Saturday night after writing down your diary, you decide to peek into the pages of your diary and you know what you realize that how you grew as a human, how you climbed the ladder of success step wise step, how your approach changed towards life, how helpful and kind you have become and how far you have come. You can see how you developed in all those years of struggle and how you dealt with frustrations, failures, happiness, success and infinite support of your loved ones.

5. What If Someone Reads it: – Now the fear that what if someone reads your personal diary, this thought haunts but in these ifs and buts you cannot hang yourself between the frustrations and tensions. You can at least take care of your personal diary that someone should not read it and if that someone reads it too, surely that someone will be your close one because only your loved ones have access to your personal things and loved ones can be excused for this because they are the ones who should know and who have the right to know also about what’s going in your life.

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