The 5 Biggest Myths about Feminism that need to be Busted Right Now

By Youth24x7

There exists a great deal of misconception as far as it concerns feminism. According to UN reports on gender, women represent 50% of the world’s population, perform two thirds of the world’s work, receive 10% of the world’s income and own less than 1% of world’s property.

Here are five of the most popular myths that need to be rejected and busted by all who are sane enough to use their brains:

MYTH 1 – Feminism is about women’s superiority above men

Feminism is NOT about women supremacy. Feminism aims at equal rights for women: be it social or economic equality. Women should get equal opportunities just as men. Women can also prove to be good workers at any job they want to take. But they shouldn’t be denied just because of their gender. A field job can be done equally by a woman just as a man can with equal wages.

MYTH 2 – Feminists are man-haters

Feminism isn’t “man-hating,” says actress and U.N. ambassador Emma Watson. Feminists are just against gender discrimination and patriarchal rules. One need not hate men to be a feminist. Women who hate men are misandrists not feminists. There’s a clear difference between misandrists and feminists.

MYTH 3 – No man is a feminist

Yes! Male feminists exist! They are the ones who want equality among genders. Men who don’t want to be seen as rapists and who know that women do not want to dominate them. Men who believe that liberated women will help in a liberated society. Conservatives and orthodox men think that men can’t be feminist. Feminists welcome men who support equality of genders. India definitely needs male feminists. Not all men are patriarchal.

MYTH 4 – Feminism is for the benefit of only women

Feminism does not only work towards the betterment of women. It also furthers the progress of men by breaking down the standard rules set by the society. Stereotypes like men don’t cry and can’t show weaknesses. Feminism aims to put an end to comments like “wear bangles if you are scared” or “don’t cry like a girl”, so that a boy won’t have to be a body builder or appear masculine for the society. Feminism provides for not only women who are tom-boys but also boys that can cook.

MYTH 5 – Feminism is a war against men to hurt them

Feminist do not want to end the line of men folk! Feminists do not want the girl’s quota, separate queues ‘for women’ at a counter or separate ‘ladies compartments’ in the metros and local trains. They do not want to take over men rights and spread matriarchy. They just want their fair and equal share but not at the expense of men. Discrimination will only limit the growth of our country.

– Pankhuri

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